The Guild – I’m the One That’s Cool

Kind of love this. Our popular kids weren’t quite that bad (at least not to me), so I don’t have quite this level of resentment, but I still love the sentiment. The pause at 1:35 is great. Language is NSFW, visuals so so.

Also the lead singer is crazy hot (with the braids too).

Attitude is Everything.


Holy Hakuna Matata Batman

Batman is easily my favorite superhero, and there is a new Batman movie is coming out this summer.  So, obviously, I was excited to see the trailer:

Looks pretty good. I’ve never been a huge fan of Bane as a villain (I would rather see Two-Face get a full movie to himself) ,but the potential for social commentary with this one looks huge.

Then, I saw this mash up on Facebook that Brad Hansen (a friend of mine from college who’s now out in LA) made (his youtube is here and imdb here):

Love it. Especially impressed by the quality of syncing the words to the various animals.  Plus, the Zazu shot is hilarious.

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Tuba Christmas 2011

Tuba Christmas is coming up again.  If you don’t know what Tuba Christmas is, or why it’s awesome, or want to find one in your own region, see my previous post here.  More details on this year’s Twin Cities event below:

The 24rd Annual MINNESOTA TUBACHRISTMAS Concert will be Sunday,
December 11, 4:00 p.m. at Central Presbyterian Church, 500 Cedar St., St. Paul.

Audience Admission Free.

Free parking (see directions)
For directions and parking info see:

To Play the Concert:
If you play Tuba, Sousaphone, Euphonium or Baritone you are invited to play. (NO other instruments)
All ages welcome. There will be over 100 players. (Players age range from 10 to 80+)

Registration: 2:00
Rehearsal: 2:30
Concert: 4:00

Registration fee $5
Music book $18
Hats & Scarves available $15 each.
Head bands $10 each

Decorate your instruments.
Bring a music stand if needed.

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