Happy New Year

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Sarah Silverman

This is old, but still amusing.

That was actually basically the first thing I ever saw that Sarah Silverman did, and I thought it was hilarious. So I looked up some other videos of her stand up and some other comedy bits she’s done, and realized that her entire comedic range consists of looking vaguely innocent and then cursing and saying things that are in bad taste and totally improper to the situation.  Which is funny (at least for me), for all of about one video before it gets really old and I wish the comedian had enough of a  brain to have some range and variety.  So if that is the only clip of Sarah Silverman you’ve ever seen, stop now, while it’s still funny.

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Where is “away”?

To take a little shine off of that new Christmas toy, especially the electronic ones, here’s a look at where “away” is when you throw the old one away.  Fair warning, it’s really depressing.

Here’s an added bonus.  I found that video via Boing Boing Gadgets.  On the same day, they posted about a Target gift card, with a low resolution digital camera built in.  They described it as:

It’s easy to get all sniffy about the specs of Target’s new digicam gift cards — 1.2 megapixels? 8MBs of onboard memory? The eyeroll of disdain underlined with a wipe of a mucousy nose with the back of the sleeve — but they’re still awesome. A gift card is an inherently tacky and thoughtless gift, but the ability to load photographs of yourself or loved ones before shoving one into a Christmas stocking is a great, humanizing touch.

That’s right, on the same day as posting where all this thrown away toxic trash goes, they post a piece of absolute throw away toxic trash, and deem it “awesome”, with “a great, humanizing touch”.  Bleeding heart environmentalism at its best/worst.

In case the irony there wasn’t thick enough, they also linked to both of of these articles in their daily round up, deeming one “oddly humanizing”, and the other “super disturbing”.  I’ll let you decide which is which.

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Dust Kitty

Too cute to not post.

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