Fly Pepsi Air

So Pepsi recently redesigned their logo:

(image grabbed from Pepsi’s website)

My first thought was – wow, that looks like the logo for a South Korean airline.  Anyone else?

How about now?  (New Year’s resolution – get better at photo shop so lame sight gags like that don’t take an hour to make.)

So, I actually looked up what a real Korean Airline logo looks like, and, really, not that far off:

A little different, but really, I think think the Pepsi logo would fit Korean Airlines better than their current logo.  Make it a little more modern and sleek.

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Election Round Up

We’re getting close to the Inauguration, so I figure it’s about time to post some things about the election.  (Yep, I’m that far behind on the things I’d like to blog about.)  Still trying to keep the political stuff to an occasional blast of links/bullets.

  • Now that Obama has been elected, and the shine is starting to wear off as everyone, slowly, one by one, realizes he won’t please everyone or fix everything instantly, The Onion puts things pretty well in perspective here.
  • Apparently the people dancing in the streets in my neighborhood after Obama’s election was nothing compared to across town.
  • Obama Pictures and McCain Pictures
    Via: Pundit Kitchen
  • Have I mentioned how glow in the dark Chernobyl blue the city of Minneapolis votes?  The Deets has a good example.  Only three precincts in the whole city of Minneapolis voted for the Democrat in the Senate race by less than a 20% margin (all were still over a 10% margin), IN A THREE WAY RACE.  The race is still up in the air though, as they’re recounting all the ballots, and it’s hard to get enough people from the campaigns to take off their mittens and boots to count that high when it’s this cold out.
  • I shall laugh heartily if Norm Coleman gets beat by Al Franken, not because I really like Franken (I voted for Dean Barkley, as the least terrible option), but because it would mean that not only has Coleman been beaten by pro wrestler, Jessie “The Body” Ventura:
    But also by Stuart Smally:
  • So how much did all those votes cost in the Senate race?  Well, it was the most expensive Senate race in Minnesota history.  I’ve seen estimates ranging from $27 million to $33 million, and they’re still spending with the recount.  So, let’s look at total number of votes for each candidate, vs how much they spent on TV ads in the Twin Cities, just as an extremely rough estimate of how much each vote cost.  (Yes, I know there’s more to Minnesota than the Twin Cities, and they spent money a lot of other ways, and there’s also political committees and special interests, and so on, but hang with me here, you’ll see why that doesn’t matter for my point in a moment.)  According to MPR, Coleman spent about $6.6 million on TV ads in the Twin Cities, and got 42% of the vote, with 1.2 million votes.  That’s about $5.50 per vote.  Franken spent $5.5 million on TV ads in the Twin Cities, and got 42% of the vote, with 1.2 million votes as well.  That’s about $4.58 per vote.  Dean Barkley got 15.2% of the vote, 437,404 votes to be exact.  And how much did he spend on TV ads in the Twin Cities?  Nothing.  Not a dime.  He didn’t run any ads at all, and still got 15% of the vote.  Kind of tells you something about the race and the candidates.
  • A couple of good sites where you can look at the challenged ballots and see both how creatively people can screw up thier ballots, and how frivolous some of the challenges are.
  • Excessively loaded down with ads, but pretty entertaining – Super Obama World.  Yep, it’s an Obama/election themed take on Super Mario Bros.  All the ads make it just about unplayable, but entertaining for a moment none the less.  Really pretty challenging too.
  • I really can’t tell for sure if this is serious, or really tongue in cheek, but a blogger has declared November 22, 2008 Victory in Iraq Day, and a wide array of other blogs have joined in.  I’ve looked it over and over, and I keep going back and forth or if it’s extremely well done satire on the American need to “win” every war, or if it’s serious and embodying what would be satirized.  Either way, I say, yay, we won, does that mean you’ll stop holding signs saying “let our troops win” and let us come home from this horrible, terrible mistake now?  Wait, I mean, let us come home from this “triumphant victory” now?  If that’s what it takes to end this thing, I’ll march in the street celebrating VI day.
  • Ironic Sans (via Kottke) has collected Google street view images of all of the 1600 Pennsylvania Ave’s around the country.  It’s actually an amazingly diverse and representative cross section of America.
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Reasons to sleep in

Remember, the early worm catches the bird.

(click for  bigger)

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Tegan and Sara

Another group I like that they play on The Current – Tegan and Sara.

Yes, they are twins.  And both have beautiful voices.  Bonus points for dorky cuteness.  Thier website is here.

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