Sweet pedal powered snowplow

Almost enough to make me want to have a driveway or sidewalk to plow.

I wonder if it would work to have a little bit flatter blade instead of a sharp V, with at an angle flatter to the ground, so it would lift the snow a little more before tossing it to the side so you could do sidewalks without just compact it to the side.  It might also let you use the weight of the snow to keep the blade firmly planted against the ground, with less need for the one hand to hold it down.

Or one with a single blade all the way across, all angled the same way like the street snow plows, for clearing big areas.  Though it would be harder to keep a straight line that way.  Maybe there could be a sidewalk attachment, a driveway attachment, and a parking lot attachment.  Maybe even a bagger version with a mold that drops a premade snowman out of the back when you’re done.  That would be awesome.

This is the kind of thing that makes me want to have a garage to tinker in.  And learn to weld.

More about the pedal plow here.

Found via Make.

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