State Fair Bingo – Part 2

If you’ve been reading the site for a year or more, you may remember the State Fair Bingo cards I posted last year.  If not, go read that and come back.  K, back now?  Good.

As you may notice on reading the cards, a few (read: almost all) of the squares on that version are vaguely to really, um, not so nice.  And, the squares are mostly the same across cards, just a little shuffled.  Well, Lazy Lightening to the rescue!  (via Because Emily Says So)  Lazy Lightening made up a whole, whole bunch of new ones, with way more options.  Also, there’s a kids edition, which, though less amusing, would seem like a good option for those who don’t want to keep them tucked away for most of the time.  Don’t worry, the new grown up version has some new squares that fit well with the old style ones too (I believe “Cougar on the prowl” is new, among others) though on the whole, it’s a bit more tame (for better or worse, depending on your view).

There’s now a part of me that, knowing these cards are at least reasonably well known now, wants to get together about 5 to 10 people, and dress up to make a complete blackout of one of the cards of the old version and walk around the fair for a day together, just to see how many people get it.

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World Record Hokey Pokey Dance Attempt

This Friday (September 3) there will be an attempt at setting the Guinness World Record for largest ever Hokey Pokey Dance at Fry Fest in Iowa City (okay, technically it’s in Coralville), at 6:00pm.  You can start arriving and checking in around 5:00 or 5:30pm.  The current record is 4,431, and it’s held by a bunch of Canadians – we can’t let that stand now can we?  I live in Minneapolis, and I’m planning to be there.  I assume, of course, that if you live closer than that, you’ll be there too – not often you get a chance to be a world record holder.

If that wasn’t enough, Hayden Fry himself will be leading it.  That’s right, hopefully 4,432+ Hawkeyes doing the Hokey Pokey dance under the direction of legendary Iowa football coach Hayden Fry.  How much more awesome can you get?

There’s more details on the Fry Fest website.

And, in case you needed any instruction or further motivation…

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do the hokey pokey and yeh turn yesef abowt

Do the hokey pokey And you turn all around That's what it all about

itty bitty kitty teaches goggie to do the hokey pokey

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I think you've had enough hokey-pokey for today sir

If we set the new record, I might even have a nice little blog treat for you all…

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Iowa vs just Northwestern Tickets

Tickets for the Iowa vs just Northwestern game went on sale a couple weeks ago, and they’re still not sold out yet.  Come on Hawkeyes (especially any Hawkeyes in the Chicago-land area), lets get some butts in seats.  Remember what happened the last time we played just Northwestern?

I know this doesn't really make sense, since he'll be at the game, and playing, and could avenge himself, but roll with it.

Well, it turns out LOLStanzi (the version of Stanzi that exists in the LOL world) hatched a plot not long after that particular incident…

It's on.

You don’t want to disappoint the man, after all he’s done for you.  I mean, this is a man who not only loves his Hawkeyes, but who loves AMERICA.

So let’s fill Ryan Field with some Gold clad Iowa fans.  You can buy tickets here.

Love it or leave it bitches.

Ps – it took forever to figure out how to make lolcat (lolStanzi) captions without uploading them to some site, until I finally found this tutorial – very helpful if you ever want to make some lolStanzi’s of your own.

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I’m back

Took sometime over the weekend and got caught up a little bit on a variety of things, including the blog.  Fairly regular posts should be resuming.

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A bit of a pause

Sorry for the general lack of posting for the last couple weeks here.  I hate it when blogs I read post these wildly apologetic posts if they miss a day, so I’ll keep it short.  A couple of other things have come up in life that have taken priority over the blog for the moment.  I definitely intend to get back to it pretty soon, though realistically it will probably be a week or two before I get back in the swing of things and get back to the more or less every day or two pattern.  See you then.

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