State Fair Bingo – Part 2

If you’ve been reading the site for a year or more, you may remember the State Fair Bingo cards I posted last year.  If not, go read that and come back.  K, back now?  Good.

As you may notice on reading the cards, a few (read: almost all) of the squares on that version are vaguely to really, um, not so nice.  And, the squares are mostly the same across cards, just a little shuffled.  Well, Lazy Lightening to the rescue!  (via Because Emily Says So)  Lazy Lightening made up a whole, whole bunch of new ones, with way more options.  Also, there’s a kids edition, which, though less amusing, would seem like a good option for those who don’t want to keep them tucked away for most of the time.  Don’t worry, the new grown up version has some new squares that fit well with the old style ones too (I believe “Cougar on the prowl” is new, among others) though on the whole, it’s a bit more tame (for better or worse, depending on your view).

There’s now a part of me that, knowing these cards are at least reasonably well known now, wants to get together about 5 to 10 people, and dress up to make a complete blackout of one of the cards of the old version and walk around the fair for a day together, just to see how many people get it.

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  • Bill Roehl says:

    It’s Lazy Lightning and thanks for the link!

  • Kearn says:

    No problem. Thanks for the entertainment! I may have to make another trip to the fair with these next year (already got my deep fat fried on a stick fill for this year).

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